Hive Stock Images: Backgrounds And Headers For Any Use

I recently discovered the HIVE Stock Images community. It seems like a good idea to me that anyone who wants can offer their photos to the community for use.
You can read more about the rules here.

I have a lot of photos saved and I said to myself why not? If someone needs a photo, I can offer what I have. It’s true that for the last four years, as a member of the Hive community, I’ve been photographing more and maybe I’ve already posted some of it, but now I’m putting them to use, after all, my profile says (among other things) “content producer and sharer”.

For an intro, I have some photos that can be used as wallpaper, or as headers for a profile, blog post, or for any other use.

Sea and rocks, 4320x3240 px, 2014

Sea urchin, 4320x3240 px, 2014

St.Spirit Beach, island Pag, Croatia, 4320x3240 px, 2015

Flowering bush 1, 4320x3240 px, 2015

Flowering bush 2, 4320x3240 px, 2015

Folded wood, 4069x3072 px, 2015

Onion drying, 4096x3072, 2016

Trees and Clouds 1, 4096x2032 px, 2016

Trees and Clouds 2, 4096x2032 px, 2016

Trees and Clouds 3, 4096x2032 px, 2016

Trees and Sky, 4096x2032 px, 2016

All photos are licensed as Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).

You're free to share, copy, and redistribute the material in any medium or format, adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially. You must give appropriate credit (link to this post). If you remix, transform or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.

!!! I noticed that images are in webp format. Here's the online converter to any other graphic format !!!

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