Stock Images//portrait of a bottle of mineral water


Today I took a photo of an old bottle of mineral water, if done correctly, just taking a photo of a used bottle can produce beautiful shots, even if you only use used bottle media.
In photographing one of the most important sources besides the camera is good lighting, which is one source that can make the image quality look perfect at the end of the shoot.
Even though I only use an old smartphone camera, with the right shots and good lighting it looks beautiful.
In fact, every day I study photography starting from watching it on YouTube or studying directly.
Because I am very interested in the world of photography.


That's why I really like the world of photography because I can explore my imagination.
It's just that I'm still very lacking in terms of my camera
I can't afford a better camera yet.
But I will definitely save up to buy it, and I will continue to study photography again, so that I can become a professional photographer one day... amen.
That's why I continue to hone my potential in this field, and watch step by step how to shoot the right way.


In fact, I am very happy with the #stockimages community, I can see very interesting photos and can learn here, that's why I always look at #stockimages and learn photography tricks here.
Thank you #stockimage for providing a very useful community for me, continued success #stockimage hopefully we can get together through this community.

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