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When the beauty of wild flowers growing in the wild is seen up close.

Hi Hivers, how are you? Hope all of you are fine and healthy always.

Today is a holiday in Indonesia, coinciding with the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. So on this occasion, I also take advantage of this holiday to write on my blog. The post this time is about some photos of flowers, leaves, seeds that birds or insects like, and some photos when the sky looks cloudy in the afternoon. I captured some of these photos for all of you. Hopefully Hivers friends like my post. Come on!

Take a look at the flower below, and it is one of the flower buds found in the forest and also found in humid areas. This flower when searched on google, we will find it with the scientific name Lantana Urticoides. Ahaa... pretty name isn't it?


However, according to a search on google, Mexicans call it the Lantana Flower.


These flowers have different colors. From several flower petals that grow, it has orange, purple and even red colors.


...If you are Indonesian, you will find these flowers in areas close to water, or also near rice fields.


It is unique, but not as unique as seen in the field. These flowers when viewed closely without a lens, may look ordinary. But if we look at it with the art of photography, maybe it will be more different...


I am a person who likes the uniqueness of various plants or wild plants. Then I will not waste those moments. The macro lens in my bag I will always use to photograph any finds that I find unique and beautiful.


Basically, shooting using a macro lens is very easy, but you have to be observant and have to be patient. Because photographing using a macro lens we will have a unique and fun art....


It would be nice if you don't have high-tech shooting equipment, it's better for friends to use the cellphone you have. Maybe you will be more optimal in working according to your wishes... :)


...Today I took photos using only the Xioumi Redmi 6A android cellphone, and of course if I wanted to photograph flowers in detail I would use a macro lens, namely by using a lensbong or an extreme macro measuring 0.48 mm.


So take a look at some pictures I took with my phone, this is a bunch of Lantana wildflowers. Definitely like it... :)


Lantana Urticoides


Lantana Urticoides


Lantana Urticoides


Lantana Urticoides


Lantana Urticoides


Lantana Urticoides


Lantana Urticoides


Lantana Urticoides

Well, below are also seeds that are on the stems of the Lantana plant. Usually these seeds will be eaten by insects or birds.


These seeds usually grow on the trunks of wild trees in the forest. I shot it using a lensbong. Look friends...

img_0.334789317489742.jpg is purple in color, and it will attract the attention of insects that are flying or walking towards the tiny grains...


seeds that grow on the stems of wild plants


seeds that grow on the stems of wild plants


seeds that grow on the stems of wild plants


A red-striped ladybug nearby, might be happy to see the purple acorns. Aaaah...


Many other insects like sprouted seeds, and they make a delicious meal. :)


And I also observed insects using a lensbong. I saw him avoiding the camera, it seemed like the ladybug was being bothered by my camera. :)



Hi, my friends, look, I also found a kind of flower bag growing on the trunk of a wild tree. I also don't know exactly about the "flower sacs" present in this wild plant. But I think, the flower bag will become food for several types of insects in the forest. It seems that in this flower bag there is water or essence that becomes nectar for insects. If friends know about the character or name of the flower bag, I ask you to give a positive comment below this post.





Well, this one is different, it's a purple wildflower. This flower may look ordinary, but if the petals are already in bloom, everything will look impressive. Unfortunately I do not know when this "purple flower" blooms. Maybe next time I will find something beautiful to present to you my friends.






Often, I only find wildflowers in the forest near the local people's rice fields. When the day began to twilight, the sky was cloudy, and me and my friend @veri-ardhian, decided to go back to our respective homes. It looks like the sky is going to rain soon. I myself decided to post this work on #stockimages because I saw the Stock Images community growing. Maybe you also think the same as me.






This is me and my friend @veri-ardhian, he is a friend who is studying well to focus on the Hive blog platform. Maybe you know him too, my friends.

Alright guys, this is all I can tell you all, and I hope you like my post today. Enjoy your holiday or weekend for those of you who are on vacation. Good luck to all of you, and don't forget to always promote Hive in your country. Regards!

by @new-spirit

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