Stock Images Contest, win Hive and the potential for future earnings from your images.


Stock Images is currently working on building the indexes for easier navigation. Part of this involves individual index posts for each letter of the alphabet. However, some of those letters don't have many images to represent them. Therefore, we wish to challenge you, the Hive community, to see if you can create images to represent some of the letters we're short on.

We're looking for images which obviously showcase that they begin with the letter being represented. We hope that you can come up with some great ideas for each letter, but will try to give you some ideas to work with as well.

J: Juice, jam, jigsaw, jelly, jelly beans

K: Kite, knife, kangaroo, kitten, key

U: Umbrella, unicycle

V: Volcano, vase, violin, vulture

Then we have some rarely used letters if you feel up to the challenge:

Q: Queen, quilt, quill

X: Xylophone, x-ray

Y: Yoyo, yoghurt, yacht, yoga

Z: Zigzag, zip/zipper, zebra, zebra crossing

For some of the harder to represent letters, an image of the letter itself could be just what we need, either as a graffiti or graphic kind of image.

Rules, guidelines and rewards:

We will be looking for quality images in which the item in the image obviously represents the letter it begins with, so try to avoid anything abstract or that could be interpreted as something else. Please remember we can't use recognisable photos of people without specific permission from the person in the image and we can't use photos with visible brand names and logos.

Our favourite submissions will be awarded a share of at least 70 Hive and have the potential to be nominated for curation by OCD or Curangel. Any images chosen for use will also receive a beneficiary from the index post it's used in.

Contest will be open for two weeks from posting. You can post in any community, just make sure to use the #hivestockimages tag and add your link in the comments here so we don't miss it.

As the final say will be made by myself (minismallholding), I will only exclude myself from entering and encourage all our mods and helpers to also enter.


Thanks and beneficiaries go to @sitaru and @izzydawn for the thumbnail, @kaliphae for the divider and @crosheille and @barge for helping with image ideas. Half of the post rewards will be liquidated to increase contest prize pot.

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