To be an artist - Interview With Nikki Franklin

Hi Dance and Music Community,

This week I am very exited to share this interview with you.

I have worked with Nikki Franklin since 2019 and she is an amazing singer, Pianist, composer and educator. I recorded this interview last week. She is a very inspiring person to me since she has done her Bachelor, Masters and Phd all as a single mom, while holding down a career in music. Basically she did everything everyone tells you you can't do as a woman.

Please watch her interview here and like, comment and subscribe.!/v/petrahallerdancer88/e0261s453ap

Here are some Video links so you can check out the work we have previously done together:

I hope you like these videos from November 2019.

To be an Artist-10.png

Video, editing and channel art by me!

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