My First Journey to the Eradication of the Cannabis Fields

The National Narcotics Agency of Lhokseumawe City is back in operation in eradicating Narcotics. This time, the Lhokseumawe City National Narcotics Agency operates to destroy approximately 6 hectares of marijuana fields with plant heights ranging from 40 to 200 cm. The destruction carried out as many as 20,000 marijuana sticks with a wet weight of approximately 10 tons in Sawang District, North Aceh.

The destruction of the marijuana fields was carried out by the Deputy for Eradication of the BNN of the Republic of Indonesia, namely Brigadier General Roy Hardi Siahaan S.I.K, S.H, M.H, who was also accompanied by the National Narcotics Agency of Lhokseumawe City, Kodim 0103/North Aceh, Military Police, Brimob Detachment B Jeulikat, Lhokseumawe Police. , Lhokseumawe District Prosecutor, Lhokseumawe Customs, Agriculture Service, Civil Service Police with a total of 147 personnel.

This extermination was carried out on June 28, 2022, last Tuesday, moving to the crime scene in two locations, the first location was in Teupin Reseup Village and the second location was in Blang Manyak Village, Sawang Aceh Utara District.

On the day the extermination was carried out before leaving for the scene of the case, a number of teams for the destruction of the cannabis fields carried out a morning ceremony which was held in the field of the State Elementary School 5, Sawang Village. The ceremony was held in order to check the number of departing members and also convey some directions by Brigadier General Roy Hardi Siahaan S.I.K, S.H, M.H regarding the code of ethics and regulations that must be followed during the operation and also for the division of the departure team.

In the implementation of the destruction of the cannabis field, all the participants involved were divided into two teams. Namely the red ribbon team and the white ribbon team. Where the red ribbon team operates at a location in Teupin Reusep Village with a distance of around 5 minutes by vehicle and approximately 25 minutes on foot to the crime scene which is at an altitude of 217 Masl. And the other team, namely the white tape team, will carry out the destruction of the marijuana fields in the village of Blang Manyak, Sawang sub-district, with the distance to the crime scene not too far, approximately 15 minutes at an altitude of 50 Masl.

The field of travel taken between the two different locations is certainly different. The terrain we took was less extreme than the white band team. Along the way we did a lot of challenges, where we had to pass a suspension bridge that had very rotten wood. And also very far over the trail.

Along the way to the marijuana garden all the members were very overwhelmed but the journey was very exciting because there were some very funny scenes to enjoy. Where the terrain is very slippery and we also have to pass a small river on the road we passed. Some slipped and fell because of the slippery terrain, some slipped on a rock while passing through a small river on the road surface that we had to take.

After going through so many obstacles on the road, we finally arrived at the marijuana field that the investigators had found. Arriving at the field, we rushed to pull and cut the marijuana plants to destroy them, then stack them and then burn them so that there would be no more leftovers from the illicit plants.

An appeal to everyone who reads this article, may we all be avoided from intentional crimes such as trying to grow marijuana plants. And keep the spirit in giving campaigns to the wider community not to plant marijuana plants anymore or change it to planting activities that are productive and beneficial for all of us. Hopefully the efforts that we make in the future can make us the saviors of the nation's regeneration which is increasingly worrying all of us.

Greetings war on drugs from me, thank you to anyone who reads this article, hopefully it will be a good reference so that we can be avoided and can be accused of being perpetrators of narcotics crimes.

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