Some potraits the beautiful fruits in aceh forest

Dear my friends

Have you ever encountered this type of fruit when you went into the mini forest in your city, usually this plant grows on bushy and moist soil, this plant grows by vines on other plants, often this plant grows in durian orchards or areca nut and forced the residents to eradicate this plant because it will cause death to the plants they are cultivating.

although this fruit looks very beautiful but don't you try to ask me to open it, I will never open it, in the past I have opened this fruit and I found the fact that the contents of this fruit are like cat litter, yeah you know it's something very disgusting , so don't ever ask me to do that.

but unfortunately I don't know the name of this fruit in Indonesian or its scientific language, but in the Acehnese language this fruit is called "peundang ak ak" which is a type of fruit that grows by vines and has benefits for human health even though the appearance of the contents is like cat litter, if you know the scientific name of the fruit that I share today please tell me in the comments column and it is really very useful for me and everyone to know the name of this fruit.

here are some beautiful fruit portraits in the aceh forest, enjoy & see you in the next post;

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