Journey to the Mahakaleshwar Temple ( The Lord of Time) (My entry for Camping Club Hive 6 contest)



Situated in Madyapradesh, Ujjain is counted among one of the holiest city of India.
History of this city also has a legendary ruler called King Vikramaditya.

"Apart from this it is also famous for Kumbh Mela. I will ellaborate regarding this some other day because it is totally different stuff."

According to me it's among one of the largest peace gathering place on earth.

Not only that the city comprises of one of the twelve jyotirlinga shrines of lord shiva known as 'Mahakaleshwar Temple'

As there are hundreds of temples in Ujjain. I started capturing Ujjain from the mahakaleshwar temple.


This is Ujjain Railway station. We first arrived here.

Basically you can travel through by Plane. Not only foreigners but people from South India if desires to visit here should travel via plane as this will save time and will be comfortable.

But we prefer to go there via train. As we live in near about state.This actually depends on distance to traverse. From our state it will be a continuous journey of 15-18 hrs to reach there via train. We finished the ongoing journey in two segments as we need to attend a relative marriage ceremony and there we planned for Ujjain.


Now for other district, the Convienent option is bus of course.

Ujjain is well connected by road.
Bus services are available from indore (55km), Bhopal (182km) and many other cities connected by road.

Taxi and many other cabs provide packages trips to Ujjain locally once we land out of train.

My memories with Ujjain


Though, city Ujjain located inMadhyapradesh India has glorious past and sculptures yet I would be discussing this Mahakaleshwar Temple. There is one reason the journey was like unforgettable memories.

We booked two Taxi that will drop us to the Mahakaleshwar Temple.


This is Ujjain's first tourist destination, especially for Hindus. The temple was overwhelmed by many "devotees".

Combined artworks and sculptures let's archeologist amazed. Artworks and craftmanship shows evolution of mixed diversity of different Dynasty and rulers in different era.

This impressive five-story temple was built by the lake. The walls of this magnificent temple are decorated with praises to Lord Shiva. Each level is dedicated to different gods, this is his description.



Architecture of the temple is phenomenal enough to let one amazed and that's why it's very attractive.

The temple architecture is seamless blend of Bhumija, Maratha, & Chalukya styles – is another important key attraction of the temple.


There is no bustle in the temple, everything seems to be quiet, accepting the birdsong. There are statues and goddesses in the temple.

On the second floor, the Lingam of Omkaresvara was built. Koti Tirtha or a large Kunda was also made in the compound. The idols of Lord Ganesha, Kartikeya, and Goddess mother nature Parvati are also located near Koti Tirtha. Those silver-plate that covers the idols of Ganesha, Kartikeya and Parvati add charm to this temple.


The third floor is the Nagchandreshwar idol, we can only go to Naag Panchami ( What a coincidence !
Today 13Aug is Nagpanchami )

Inside the temple, you will forget all your worries and feel calm. After visiting the temple, I discovered that Bhasmaarti has a pre-order system. Bhasmaarti came to her at 5 in the morning. Basma Alti-Dashan. How many people.


For that people start forming a line at mid-night as there are hundreds of people in a queue for Bhasma Aarti darshan.

As there is so much crowd .

●There is a kind of VIP entry available for tourists only at rs.250/- but we remained in line.

Timings Of Mahakaleshwar Temple Ujjain: 3 am – 11 pm


Geography of Temple

Mahakaleshwar Ujjain Temple is one of the most popular Hindu temples. It is located on the shore of Lake Rudra Sagar in the Ujjain region of Madhya Pradesh. As an important pilgrimage center of Hinduism, it is considered to be one of the 18 most important Mahasaktipitas. This primitive temple awaits your vacation, if you are looking for comfort, then this is your best choice!



Here are a few tips that you should go through before visiting the Mahakaleshwar Temple. Take note to make the most out of your vacation.

⚫ Try staying at the temple or book a hotel nearby so that you attend the eminent Bhasma Aarti.

🔴 For attending the Aarti better to make your bookings beforehand.

⚫Please carry your photo-ID Proof. Pan cards are not accepted.

🔴 Wear decent clothes and try covering your head while the aarti takes place.

All picture belongs to me and my family.

💗 Thanks 💗

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