back to work in the garden

Hello friends, how are you today, and wherever you are, of course you are in good condition and you should always be successful, I hope today is better than the previous days. I'm back to this community to post as usual to all my friends here, of course, who are always active in this beloved community.

At this meeting I will show some pictures that I took with my cellphone camera in my garden when I was cleaning the garden. Now the rainy season is back and I have to allocate time in the morning and evening.

And to achieve the target according to my wishes, what I'm working on at the moment is in the garden and in the rice fields. And in the morning I have to go to the rice fields to clean the rice fields so that when the planting season comes, all the rice fields must be clean. And so does the garden too. I have to clean it too in order to plant corn and other green crops since it's still the rainy season. So it's very suitable for planting at this time.

I also have to share time in the morning and afternoon so that in the fields and in the garden it is not abandoned.


Camera usedHandphone
LocationAceh indonesia
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