My visit to mangrove forest garden park

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Mangroves are salt-tolerant tropical trees. They are important for conservation of our ecosystem and contribute as habitat and protection for a number of mammals, birds and reptiles. They also protect us against the strong ocean waves by acting as a buffer.

Two days ago, I visited red mangrove forest park near Thandwe, Rakhine state, Myanmar. I found that the owner of the forest has turned his place into a garden park where people can visit for recreation and take photos. Walkway bridges were built so that visitors can walk through the forest. I found that a viewpoint tower was built on one inland hill and the other hill had a building housing a big Rakhine traditional drum. We could find a restaurant, statues of Rakhine people and animals and, other buildings in the compound. Below are some of my photos taken at the mangrove forest place.

(photo above) a walkway through mangrove forest leading to inner land; the viewpoint tower can be seen on the hill in distance

(photo above) One can explore the forest by boat also

(photo above)park rules

(photos above)red mangrove trees or shrubs

(photos above)The building housing Rakhine traditional drum is located on a hill

(photos above)statue of a Rakhine

(photos above)the mangrove forest as can be seen from the hill

The following are some of the photos of the inner land of the park. It was created as a fun and recreational place with statues of birds, ape, deer, sheep, etc. and some buildings like a phone booth, a ship, etc. It is a nice place for children and teenagers to have fun.

(photos above)Me with the statue at the entrance to the park

The mangrove forest garden place is located in 'Emeral Ruby Garden park' and the wooden bridge crossing the mangrove forest is called 'Pao Wun Bridge'. The bridge is now 1000 feet long extended from its 500 feet bridge and the mangrove forest is on the bank of Htee Yoe stream which is one of the tributaries of Than Dwe river. The garden place is about 4 miles away from the Thandwe airport and about 10 miles from Ngapali beach. It is a nice place to include in your itinerary when you visit Ngapali beach, Rakhine state, Myanmar.

Thank you for reading and your support.

7th Jan 2023

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