The story of an old well

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Today I am going to show you an old well in the paternal village of my mother-in-law.


Importance of wells in older times

In older times when there were very less sources of water, water wells used to be the most important source of water. In each village, a lot of wells were found. All ladies of the village used to fetch water from the nearby well.

In my childhood I have seen my mother, and my aunts even my elder sisters etc fetching water from the well. They used to keep a water pot on their heads, pouring water from the well in it, and then took it back on the head only. Some of them were too perfect that they didn't even need to hold the pot with their hands and just kept walking freely.

In my village only there are four wells that were used by the village ladies, and the water of the well was used for all the house chores including drinking and cooking. Indeed This was a very tough task ,, actually a major task of daily routine of the village ladies.

Later things changed, submersible motors system reached almost everywhere. And now water is supplied to each house by any Government or private authority. So water wells have lost their importance with the changing time.

The tradition of Kua Pujan (Worshipping of well)

Water wells were of prime sourse of water so they were considered very important in the ancient India, that is why wells used to be worshipped on each special occasion (Birth of a child, Marriages) of one's life. This things still exist but now as wells are not available everywhere and most of them are not even functional and any source of fresh water (that is available nearby) is worshipped on such occasions.


So this water well too was used like that, a bucket tied with rope passed in the well and pouring water from the the bucket to the pot. This well is personal one and is still in use, just the form has changed now. They have fitted a motor and the pipes are connected to the level of water so they use the motor for fetching water now. And this water is used for irrigating the farm. They have covered the top of the well as you may see in this picture so that any child may not fell down in the well. This is really very very deep, i tried to look inside but there was all dark there. Mother in law told me that level of water had gone very very down and so the pipes have gone to very very deep inside.

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