Some New (uninvited) guests in our neighborhood

Hi everyone
My greetings to you
Hope you are doing well

Three monkeys (including a little one) have come to our locality a few days ago. They may have come from the woods nearby, but they are not going back. When we returned from Delhi we got to see them jumping here to there. Although they are not that troublesome yet but still we have to be a little more careful when walking outside the home. I have to take care of my daughter even more. She is already scared of them, and that is right too., monkey can bite you if it is irritated at due to anything.

So today, in the afternoon, one of them, the biggest one was sitting just in front of my kitchen window., while i was cooking in the kitchen. They come in the window at times but thank God there is the net in between so they can not enter inside. There was the little one too but it ran away as soon as I took my phone to click the picture of them. So i could click only the big one.



In this pics this is the back side of the houses, here the smaller one is also present. Their activities made me laugh a lot., specially the little one's activities. 😄😄

That's all for today
Thank you all

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