Rain water harvesting in the villages of Rajasthan

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The parents of my mother in law lives in a village in Rajasthan, basically they belonged to the state of Haryana but later they moved and get settled there. Rajasthan is a state, a great area of which has been classified as desert area. Desert areas as we all know denotes less water. So the people of this state have been facing the problem of water deficiency since old times.

There is a saying, I have listened from my mother, that in Rajasthan one can easily get a bucket full of ghee (butter) but getting a bucket full of water will be harder

So to tackle with this problem , almost each house in the village has been built with a Rain water harvesting system. I have never seen this system in my native state Haryana, but I strongly believe this system must be a part of each house everywhere.


Here in this picture you may see a big water tank has been built in the ground. In the monsoon season, rainwater from all the rooftops of the house gets collected in this tank via inlet pipes connected to the tank. The water of the first rain is not collected as it is not considered to be too good, the rooftops are washed and cleaned in the first rain. Then they let in all the water of rain during monsoon season. This is a big tank i don't know it's exact capacity of water but the quantity of water is enough for a year until the next monsoon comes.


Water of this tank is used only for drinking purpose. They take out the water with the help of a bucket, and pour in the water pots after filtering it through a piece of thin cloth. I liked the taste of the water.


Here you can see the water inside the tank. From here only they draw water out of the tank. I liked this system very much this is very beneficial specially in such areas where no drinking water is available.

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