CCH Community photography contest #7

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This post is my entry for #CCH community contest Round 7 organized by @visionaer3003. Theme for this round is food photography. So I am going to share snaps of a few food items prepared by me earlier. Hope you like the photography and the dishes too πŸ˜„

I am going to share two dishes that I prepared and shared on Hive too. First one belongs to the category of snacks while the second one is a sweet dish.


Brief introduction to this delicious snack

Name of this dish is Bhel Puri and this is one of my favorite snacks which is so easy to make and so yummy and fulfilling πŸ˜„
Bhel puri is a famous snack of Mumbai and sometimes it is also referred as Beach snack, if ever you visit Mumbai beaches you will find stalls of Bhelpuri here and there. It is so yummy and spicy that anyone will go for it. It's is also a very good option for the ones who are on dieting, as it is a very less calorie food.

Bhel puri is basically a chaat, mainly made of puffed rice mixed with veggeis, a few spices and chutneys to add the savoury flavour to it.

For more details regarding this dish you may click here.

Milk Peda


Milk Peda is one of the Indian traditional sweets made of Milk and Sugar and dry fruits.
Peda mainly belongs to the city of Krishna, Mathura in North Indian state of Uttar Pardesh. Mathura is famous for milk Peda. As it is made of milk it is very healthy for everyone.

For more details click here πŸ˜„

Here is the link to the contest, you are invited to participate.

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