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Hi CCH, this is my story! Presently you can move all the more openly with practically no limitations, go to music occasions. Here, at the Harapan Bangsa Arena, Aceh Besar Locale, the debut show was at long last held following two years in less favorable circumstances. The show held here pulled in a ton of consideration from individuals of Aceh Besar Region and its environmental factors.

Loads of guests came to watch this show which was likewise breathed new live into by the presence of the popular artist Pasha Ungu. Occupants are exceptionally content with the holding of this show in light of the fact that throughout the previous two years their exercises have been a piece hampered. This show execution was likewise with regards to Bhayangkara's birthday.

See here, there are such countless guests, some even went down to the field to observe the presentation of the popular Indonesian vocalist, Pasha Ungu. Here are my show wristbands as well as different stands. Like food and drink stands and there is likewise a stall for playing speculating games, darts, then, at that point, there is likewise a 360 degree video photograph corner.

This show was seen by numerous observers paying little heed to progress in years, from teens to grown-ups who went to this occasion. This show occasion was completely accompanied by the police from different relationship for the security of Pasha Ungu's visitor stars and furthermore the wellbeing of the crowd who joined in. There are likewise numerous remarkable food and drink sellers that are appreciated by the crowd.

This phenomenally fabulous and huge show got a decent reaction from the nearby occupants. Aside from having the option to engage, it can likewise produce pay for the nearby occupants since they can build their pay by selling in the show region. The presence of the vocalist from the grub band "Pasha Ungu" is no less great and fulfilling, with the goal that all that pays off to no end for the onlookers who come the entire way to see the show appearance of the public grub band. The arena field of this country's expectation is the biggest and broadest field in Aceh area so it can oblige numerous onlookers.








Observers who came were not just occupants of Aceh Besar, there were even inhabitants from outside the city and outside the district. They came to watch the main show held after Coronavirus. Here I can see in excess of 5000 observers in participation, being a human-involved field around evening time with stupendous lights and stage is astounding.

That is my post about my exercises visiting shows. I am very happy to be able to share this article with you, I hope you like my weekend story. I appreciate your support and empathy for my posts ♥️

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