Some photos of my pet cat sitting on top of the motorcycle on the phone camera.

Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim,
Hello my dear friends,
good afternoon,
how are you all I hope everyone is fine and healthy Alhamdulillah by the grace of Allah Subhanataala I am also fine and healthy Today I will share with you some new updated photography captured by my phone camera.

Focus is the main attraction of photography. If your focus is right, then photography will be like mind. Similarly, I did the autography completely from the focus of the mind, which made the pictures more beautiful. My pet cat is silently looking at me the moment I took the picture.

My pet cat is sitting in such a place that many people will notice now that someone will decide to put this scenery in the phone gallery. The cat is very normal and civilized type, looking pleasant and not batting eyelids.

From a distance, this picture is taken of the motorcycle right where the women step, occupying the space, sitting and enjoying the air, I think.

In fact, the pictures were so nice to see that I kept looking at these pictures because of a word and the look that anyone would think of.

Finally, I would like to say that I hope I have done good photography and presentation and if you like my presentation, please let me know through comments and if there are any mistakes in my writing, I apologize.

I am leaving today. I hope that everyone will be fine and healthy. Thank you very much to all my friends for showing me this article.

Picture Photography

•Category pet cat 🐈🐈

•Camera Used Handphone

•Model vivo Sy 15y

•Photographer @mdsahin111

•Location Aceh / Malaysia

Software Editing Adobe Lightroom

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