S/R/I How to put out ABC powder fire its training.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,
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how are you all I hope that everyone is well and healthy by the infinite mercy of Allah Subhanataala Alhamdulillah I too am well and healthy by the infinite mercy of Allah Subhanataala and your prayers. Today I am here with someone new to you. I will shed light on how ABC powder helps to extinguish fire.

Photo from my friend's camera This photo was taken just as I was getting ready to put out the fire

Flre extinguisher ABC powder is made by mixing ABC powder and carbon dioxide together. Yesterday celebrated safety day in my company it is celebrated in my company every year on December 1st this memorable day teaches us many things this day is spent through various trainings.

Knowing how forest fire was extinguished in an instant using ABC powder
S/R/I/ABC powder Flre extinguisher

I am new to the company so I was first introduced how to use ABC powder first we were well explained by Malaysian fire service for an hour and also briefed on how to extinguish fire.

If the fire is not extinguished quickly, then the fire can be seen in a terrible way. Therefore, my company maintains safety very much. As you can see in the above picture, diesel and krasin are first mixed inside a container and set on fire. Then we are told in advance how to extinguish it. It is organized to teach practically.

Everyone in the company participated one by one in this training, I have never participated in any training before where people from the administration come and train us. Taught us very sincerely. The use of fire service in Malaysia impressed us lastly it gave us some directions like to call them if the fire is excessive and secondly to stand by the people in danger when there is a fire.

So friends, I hope my article today can be useful to you. Don't forget to comment if you like my writing. I hope everyone is well and healthy. May God bless you all.

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