Natural Beauty Leaves Leaf Tree Photography.

Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim,
Hello my dear friends,
good evening,
how are you all I hope that by the infinite mercy of Allah, everyone is well and healthy. Today English 15th February 2023 I have come to you with a new photography blog.

Friends, I put five photos taken by my phone camera in the album to make them look beautiful. Photography is actually I did them with my phone function. I thought that combining photography and putting it inside the album will increase the beauty. That's why I made these photos like this. Below is the photo of each photography. Is given

This leafy tree looks very beautiful, its upper part is white and green, its beauty is more developed, usually these trees are planted in the tub of the house to increase the beauty of the side around the house. This plant has small cuttings on the upper part which needs to be taken care of very carefully.

This tree has some medicinal properties, the tree is beautiful as well as its qualities are also very good, basically we see these trees in different parks.

Basically I took these pictures while I was walking in a park and they were planted on the side of the road. Many of them looked very beautiful in a row. So I took them with my phone camera and shared them with you. I hope you like them too.

Picture Photography
•Category natural
•Camera Used Handphone
•Model vivo Sy 15y
•Photographer @mdsahin111
•Location Aceh / Malaysia
Software Editing Adobe Lightroom

So friends, I am very happy to share today's photography that after a long time I have captured a very beautiful scene and the beauty of a tree through phone photography. I hope you like it. If you like it, please let me know through comments. I hope that everyone will be fine and healthy. May God bless you all. Bless you

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