Splinterlands Art Contest Week 187

HAPPY weekend friends...

It's week 187 of the splinterlands art contest and this is my entry for this week, you can check out the contest here

For this week, I chose to recreate the Nerissa Tridawn card.
Nerissa is a water warrior armed with an enchanted magical trident which she defends the seas, rivers and lakes with. The sea has always called out to her and because of this, she could swim effortlessly even before she could walk, isn't that amazing? Her lore is an interesting one...


As always, I had to sketch out what I had in mind, this serves as a guide as I progress.
Screenshot_20220507-181810_ibisPaint X.jpg

Then I chose and painted the base colours for her hair, skin and clothes....
Screenshot_20220507-181824_ibisPaint X.jpg

Next, I added her facial features, chose the perfect colours and shades for her nose, eyes and mouth...

Screenshot_20220507-181852_ibisPaint X.jpg

From her lore, we already know that the trident is an important part of her so I added that....

Screenshot_20220507-181906_ibisPaint X.jpg

I added more volune to her hair and extra details to the trident...
Screenshot_20220507-181936_ibisPaint X.jpg

I chose a background colour, added more glow to her hair and the trident so it will pop....
Screenshot_20220507-181953_ibisPaint X.jpg

I added lighter and darker tones to her skin, this is where the painting comes alive and also my favourite part when painting....
Screenshot_20220507-182012_ibisPaint X.jpg

Her suit looked too plain so I just went crazy with different colours and added more details to it, she looks more like a super hero now....
Screenshot_20220507-182023_ibisPaint X.jpg

Finally the background, I just picked different colours and made it look as beautiful as I could..
This is the final painting and I hope you love it....

Tools Used
Ibis Paint Pro
Stylus pen
Samsung galaxy A22

Thanks for visiting my blog today, keep enjoying your weekend


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