Wat pong sai kham, fang district, chiang mai province, thailand.

Hello everyone. For this post, I share one more thai temple in mae kha subdistrict, fang district, chiang mai province, thailand. This temple is located in my district. This temple is called wat pong sai kham.
In the afternoon I share wat wiang noi, the village temple of mae pa phai village. which is a temple located in mae kha subdistrict. Wat pong sai kham is close to Wat Wiang Noi but in a different village. Wat pong sai kham is the village temple of Pong Nok Village.

Wat pong sai kham and pong nok village are temples and peaceful rural villages. Especially wat Pong Sai Kham, besides this temple is a small temple with a small area, quiet and beautiful. There are few buildings, sculptures and Buddha images in this temple. But is as beautiful as other Thai temples. The chapel is the most beautiful and outstanding building for this temple.

Getting to wat pong sai kham is the same route as wat wiang noi because you have to pass wat pong sai kham before going to wat wiang noi.
Getting to this temple, When arriving in chiang mai province. Continue on the main road number 107, the fang - chiang mai route. When reaching mae soon sub-district, fang district, continue towards the pong nok junction to pong nok village. And this temple will be in this village.

Brief History of wat pong sai kham and pong nok village. Pong nok village was built by villagers who migrated from phrao district, san pa tong district, chiang mai province and some districts in lamphun province. And built wat pong sai kham around A.D. 1927 or about 96 years ago.

These are all my stories and photos, which I want to share with my friends for this post. Invite everyone to watch and enjoy my stories and photos. Have a good day. See you again. Thank you for your support and visiting my post. Bye 🤗

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