The scenery and atmosphere in this morning that are covered in fog.

✍️ Hello everyone. Fang district, chiang mai province, Thailand, where I live, has been affected by thunderstorms for the past few days. During this time, the sky was variant all day. Some days me and my family experience the weather that the sky is overcast and rainy all day. Some days we find the weather in the morning overcast and rainy but in the afternoon the sky is clear and hot. or the weather in the morning is clear but in the afternoon the sky is overcast and rain.

✍️ I used to take pictures the scenery and the roads and sky in abovementioned weather conditions and shared it in several of my past posts. But this morning was more special than any other day. Due to, the temperature in the morning was about 26°C, but the sky this morning was covered with fog. And it's a foggy day on the first day of this year. The fog in the rainy season that was not yet winter covered the all morning. Near noon, the fog had disappeared. In the afternoon, the sky was clear and it was hot again.

✍️ The photos I shared today I take pictures the scenery and the sky at home, on the roads and around my son's school. Which the atmosphere is covered with fog. Today my wife drove the kids to school and I had to look after my son in the back of the car and take pictures.
This is the full story for this have a good day. See you again. Thank you for your support and visiting my post. Bye 🤗

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