The mango trees inside our longan orchard are blooming and fruiting now.

Hello everyone. I like to share landscapes and atmospheres in different places. When I travel or drive around in the district where I live and nearby districts. In the past several posts, I have shared the scenery and atmosphere on various roads. And agricultural areas, farms and orchards of farmers in the area. But today I want to share my farm with everyone to see again. I used to tell everyone that me and my family had a longan orchard. We have planted hundreds of longan trees. Within our longan orchard, besides we plant longan trees we also grow mango, banana and papaya trees. But we mainly focus on longan and it is an economic crop for our family. In addition, we also grow vegetables in the empty area within this longan orchard. But we grow organic vegetables for family consumption and not for sale.

In this post I focus and share the mango trees inside this longan orchard. There are only 7 mango trees that I plant in this orchard. Of course, I planted a mango tree to eat, not to sell. But if in any year it produces so much fruit that we can't eat it in time. We will sell mangoes. Even if it sells for less money, it's better than a rotten mango. The mango trees at the longan fruit orchard are starting to bloom and bear fruit now. So I took a picture of the fruit of the mango tree and its blossoms for everyone to see for this post.

In addition, I took some photos of the atmosphere inside the longan orchard for everyone to see too. The longan tree is now in recovery after fruiting and we sold it to a merchant last year. For this year, we are taking care and nourishing the longan tree in order to prepare it to continue to bloom and fruit in the future.

These are the stories and photos I want to share with my friends for this posts. Invite everyone to view and enjoy my photos. Have a nice day. See you again. Thank you for your support and visiting my post. Bye 🤗

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