Scenery and atmosphere on the road of my journey part 13

✍️ Hello everyone. Several days ago me and my wife had a chance to journey on a rural road in fang district. And I was able to park and take pictures on rural roads. Normally the rural roads in this district are mostly narrow, so I couldn't park my car to take pictures. But that day, I was able to park the car for a while and take pictures of the agricultural area in that area. Some agricultural areas have farmers planting plant. I'm not sure what those farmers are growing on the farm. But the atmosphere that day was overcast and quiet. I think the natural atmosphere in that area is beautiful. Of course my wife and I really enjoy and relax with the atmosphere around that area. So I want to share with my friends to see this post. And I hope everyone will like it like me. These are all the photos I want to share with everyone for this post. Invite everyone to view and enjoy my photos. Have a good day. See you again. Thank you for your support and visiting my post. Bye 🤗
🌏 Location fang district, chiang mai province, thailand.
📷 Smartphone Xiaomi Note 11 Pro.

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