A very beautiful lantana flower that I found in the garden

hello all friends how are you today! I hope all my friends are always in good health and can carry out various daily activities, hopefully their activities will get very satisfying results.

On this occasion I will share several pictures of the beauty of flowers that I photographed a few days ago using a Samsung cellphone camera, then I edited the images using the Adobe Lightroom application so that the images look clearer and more attractive.

how many days ago I went to the garden to see the condition of the coconut plantation that I have when I arrived at the garden I saw lots of wild plants growing in my garden, these wild plants have very beautiful flowers with a yellow color combined with other colors , and according to the information I searched for, this flower is a wild flower called lantana, this flower is a wild plant that we often encounter in forests as well as in residents' gardens.

as we know, the lantana flower is a very beautiful flower and we often see it all the time in the forests, for this family and the lantana flower has a beauty that is very different from other flowers and this flower will also be the lantana fruit is round in shape and the size of a green bean and when it is ripe the lantana fruit will be blackish in color. This lantana fruit is also often used as food for wild birds in the forest because it has a very sweet taste.

Below I will show you some of the beautiful lantana flowers. I hope my friends will be entertained and like them

that's what I can share in this post, hopefully it's useful for all of us and thank you for the visit and support from all my friends, see you in my next post, of course in this greatest community
Thank You

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