My visit to the National Zoo, Dhaka, Bangladesh

From my childhood, It was a dream to visit the National zoo, which is located in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. People also called it Mirpur Zoo. I visited the Zoo on 10 September. It was a memorable visit to the zoo. I want to share my happiness with you guys. Now I am gonna share my travel experience in the zoo. Let's start-

Bangladesh National Zoo is located in the capital city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. It's also called Mirpur Zoo, because it's located in the area of Mirpur, Dhaka. The zoo was established in 1974. Royal Bengal Tiger, Asian Lion, Giraffe, and Zebra are the main attraction of this zoo.

I went to the zoo on 10 September with my friends. We started our journey from Dhanmondi-32. We arrived at the zoo after around 40 minutes of the bus journey. We get in the line to purchase tickets. There was not so much crowd today. The price of the entry ticket was just 50 BDT (0.49 USD). We purchased three tickets.

It was noon when we entered the zoo. After a few minutes of entering the zoo, I was amazed to see the environment of the zoo. There are a lot of plants inside the zoo. The monkeys and the birds will welcome you to the zoo because the cages of monkeys and birds are close to the entrance. I had a close view of this bird.

The zoo is located over an area of 186 acres, so you have to take time to visit the entire zoo. Sometimes we had a pleasant break in some of the charming places in the zoo and then again we started to walk and visited the animals in the zoo.

A few weeks ago A white tiger cub has born in the zoo. I had a look at the white cub in front of my eyes for the first time in my life. It was so cute to watch.

Zoo authorities take good care of tigers and lions. Breeding of these animals is also done here, which is the best initiative. Loved the open tiger cage where tigers roamed in natural surroundings. I was so excited and happy to see a live tiger so close that I made a video of the tiger.

The zoo has a large area for deer. Deer are abundant here. I have never seen so many deer in any other zoo in Bangladesh. A large number of deer indicates that there is a good breeding system for deer.

I watched zebras on TV but never watched them in the reality. I watched zebras In front of my eyes, they are the most gorgeous animals in the zoo.

Seeing many hippos in the zoo. Having 10-12 hippos in a zoo is not small in numbers. They require a lot of food and care. There are so many hippopotamuses here because the zoo authorities have taken good care.

The tallest animal in the zoo is the giraffe. I saw the giraffes from the ground. But there is a watch tower to get a better view of the giraffes.

Apart from the animals mentioned above, we saw emu birds, peacocks of different colours, pythons, donkeys, etc. By seeing different types of animals one can learn a lot about them and also learn about their conservation. We were also mesmerized by the natural environment of the zoo. The visit to the zoo was a memorable tour.

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