In Mindanao, This Sunday


I woke up in the morning learning about the strong earthquake which has shakened parts of Mindanao. There's even a tsunami warning in the coastal areas of the eastern part of the region. Another sad news is the terrorism attack, again in Marawi City. It isn't a great morning to wake up with such news. We're living in this world during critical times, and things like the mentioned above happens. Prayers for the affected ones.

Since it's Sunday, I have to attend our weekend meeting in sign language, though virtually. I'm hopeful that I can attend face to face for the midweek.

I walked around the house to exercise my feet, and I'm happy that I didn't use a cane. I did some chores, and had some rest this afternoon. It was a great weather right here.

To make things lighter, I'm sharing these beautiful purple flowers growing near the shores. My wife @shula14 also shared her versions of these beautiful purples.





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