Beautiful flowers in the morning

How are you all my friends who are here, I hope that my friends are in good health and always successful for all of us in this community and I am back again today in front of all my friends.

At this meeting I am again present in front of all my friends in this beloved community and as usual I will be here showing some pictures of beautiful flowers in the morning that I captured a few days ago in front of my friend's house when I was away to my friend's house.

Precisely in the area of ​​the house, there are lots of ornamental plants that are planted there, various flowers are planted and have their own beauty there, and I am most interested in this one flower with an orange color and this plant is the first time it has flowered and only has a few flowers. stalk.

All right, friends, below, let's enjoy together some beautiful flower pictures in the morning that I captured a few days ago.

Thank you all friends in this community for visiting and reading my post, I hope all of my friends like it with some of the photography that I shared above and see you again in the next post.

Note: the writing in my post is my own work. and I wrote in Indonesian and then I translated it into English using Google Translate.

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