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Have Something Similar Happened To You Before?

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Today was a, I don't really know what word to describe today as, maybe at the end of the post, you can leave your suggestions below. Today I had somewhere I needed to go to but didn't had any money on me, but luckily for me my sister promised to give to me. I took my bath ate and went out to where I needed to be. I had the plans of going to get something for my sister who will be leaving for school soon.

Since I had no money like I said before, and my sister agreed to give me some, I had to go to the POS shop to get some cash. Unknowingly to me, the money I withdraw was burnt by the edge I didn't notice it till I paid for my fare. The driver quickly gave me back the money showing me it was not good. I had no other money with me so I came down from the vehicle.


Immediately I came down, another driver who saw me entering the vehicle before asked me why I was getting down. I explained to him and he tried pleading with the first driver to help me but he refused so he agreed to carry me. I was so grateful to him for his kind gesture. Phew 😪, I finally arrived at my destination, I carried what I needed and headed back home.

On my way, I received a call so I had to take my phone out of my bag. After finishing with the call, I forgot to keep it back in my bag. After some few minutes, I arrived at the Junction to my house, getting home, I was feeling tired and sweaty because the weather was very hot. I quickly rushed to the bathroom first and I came out very refreshed and relaxed.


After some minutes, I decided to use my phone to make a call it was then I noticed that my phone didn't get home with me, oh my!!!. At first I tried to calm down to think where it was then I remembered I held it when I was in the vehicle, damn!!! How am I going to know where to see the driver, where can I find him? These thought keeps flowing through my head.

After much thought, I had to put on the clothes I had on when I went out, just in case the driver sees me🤷‍♀️. I headed out with the money remaining with me, just in case I needed to board a vehicle. While walking, I kept looking at all the vehicles and the drivers driving on the road, just in case I happen to see the one I boarded earlier.


I was not sure of where I was headed but I just followed what my mind was asking me to do. While walking, I kept asking myself why was I walking, I should take a vehicle so it will be faster but I just didn't listen to myself at that point. After walking a few kilometers, I saw a man who was losing his Tyre from his vehicle and I was surprised to see that it was the same man I entered his vehicle, isn't that beyond words?. I was just happy to see him, I went to him and asked him if he remembers me and his answer was yes, I sighed 😪.

I told him I misplaced my phone and pleaded with him to allow me check inside the vehicle and he agreed. All these while, I've been calling to see if anyone will pick up but nobody did but it just kept ringing. I quickly rushed to the vehicle to check but I couldn't find it, what!! It can't be, if not here then where? I thought to myself.


I was about giving up when I heard the phone ringing, I had to look at the phone in my hand that had similar ring tone but it wasn't the one ringing so I had to check inside the vehicle again and I found it. I was one of the most lucky people today, the man told me that he already picked up new passengers, while taking them to the last stop, his vehicle tyres got faulty and he was about taking them to the vulcanizer before I meet him. I felt like it was because of me his vehicle's tyre got bad 🥺, I feel bad for him though, if not I wouldn't have been able to see him.

So these were what happened to me today and I'm really grateful to God for helping see my phone and I thought of sharing it with you all. I'm sure you might have had similar experience, you can share them with me at the comment section.

Thank you for stopping by, see you at my next blog ❣️❣️.

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