Photography : New trees and leaves.

Photography : New trees and leaves.

Friends, I have appeared among you again today with a post. In today’s post I will show you some new page photography with my own camera. I liked the photography very much and I hope you will like it too.


These pictures I took a few days ago from a garden next to me. There are many types of trees. There are different types of fruit trees, flowering plants and different types of deciduous trees. The garden is very big. I visit there often. I love walking in the natural environment of the garden. There is no shortage of oxygen in the garden. And the best thing about this garden is that there are many species of trees here. Which I love to see and I try to know about the trees.


Now in the rainy season many new leaves of trees are being formed. I see the leaves of the new tree. I like it very much. The leaves are green in color. Some things are of different colors. I am very surprised to see this color play of nature. One leaf of one tree. It is better to look at the new leaves, because after a few days when the leaves come to maturity, they turn to a different color. This extraordinary mystery of nature amazes me.


There are many types of trees in nature. We know the names of many trees. We do not know the names of many trees. There are some flowering trees, the leaves of which are more beautiful than the flowers.


There are some trees that grow in the shade and all these trees grow in our bed room. I am surprised. There are some trees. The job of these trees is to get carbon dioxide out of the house. Keep the house cool. There are many more benefits to trees. Some trees are medicinal plants. Its leaves look more beautiful in the new condition. The leaves of these trees are useful in various diseases of the human body. The new leaves are as beautiful as flowers. The leaves look like newborns. It is very difficult to recognize him after a few days of seeing the new page. In the new condition they remain very soft and delicate. When a little mature, the leaves become hard and strong.


I am very happy to see the new pages. The body of the leaves is very shiny and fresh. When he sees the leaves, he wants to move the leaves. Their delicate bodies fascinate me. So a different emotion works on the leaves.


However friends are such wonderful things in the world as flowers. The leaves are also a wonder of the world. The beauty of flowers cannot be described as such. Similarly, the beauty of the new leaves of the tree cannot be described. Just wanting to love the new leaves because the leaves are like newborns.


Friends, if you like the pictures on this page, please comment. Your comments are very valuable to me. Your comments inspire me to write the next day's post. And if there is any error in my post, please forgive me. Everyone will be healthy. Always be good. I wish this.

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