Jasmine Flowers


Good afternoon, friends. How is everyone? Are you currently well because of course the return of all the Pandas in this post and your caretakers are in good health so you can enjoy a better and more enjoyable life and that is one of the things that is very extraordinary and I hope by many people from various other parts of the world.

On this occasion I will of course give you one of the things that I really like, namely photography. The photo that I will share with my friends is a photo of one of the flower plants, namely Jasmine, which we know is a type of flower that is very widely planted by people and I really like the color of this flower, the proof of which is one of the things that is very extraordinary and also very interesting for us to see and also enjoy together is the next few things.




“I made a post in Indonesian and then translated it into English using Google Translate”

Camera: Smartphone
Flash used: No
Processed: original
ISO: automatic
Taken By: @elkan

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