Camping Club Hive: Morning Harmony at Negeri Antara, Bener Meriah, Aceh


The pandemic is still confusing, in general we as a society continue to be given fear by the government, and Indonesia is no exception. Vaccines are a priority for every community, which until now, in my opinion, is still failing in its socialization.

That's a little picture of the confusion I continue to feel about this covid19 pandemic. Instead of continuing to be confused with the status of covid 19 in our respective countries, it's better if we just go camping.


I enjoy the fresh air in the interior of Negeri Antara, Bener Meriah district, Aceh province.

This area is actually a conservation area for Sumatran elephants which is used as a conservation response unit (CRU) for dealing with wild elephants approaching plantations and local residents' settlements.

I visited him last year, where when covid19 was still an issue that kept rolling in every country.


The morning weather here made me forget all about covid19. Yes, camping and enjoying the natural atmosphere really makes your mind calm. I felt it there, we mingled as usual, there were no health protocols, let alone masks.


Everyone enjoyed the night turning into a beautiful morning, the cold morning mist blanketed the mountains behind the camp. The rushing river water flows, the chirping of birds also becomes a beautiful melody in harmony.


I think I want to go back there at this time, enjoy the atmosphere of natural beauty and also the atmosphere of camping with friends.

Hopefully that dream will come true again and you can enjoy the camping atmosphere at the CRU DAS Peusangan. I have some pictures of moments while enjoying camping with friends there, I hope you enjoy the panorama of the natural beauty of Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia.







CameraSony A7 II
CategoryNature Photography
LocationBener Meriah-Aceh

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