A culinary experience in Singapore's Chinatown


One of the oldest neighbourhoods in Singapore might be Chinatown. The descendants of the Chinese immigrants has left their mark on this part of the city. When you walk the streets, I almost felt I was in China. The streets with the old shophouses and temples have managed to preserve much of the old character. During the day when you are visititng this part of the city, there is a museum that tells the story of the Chineese imigrants. It is a good place to start, before exploring Chinatown on foot. It's called Chinatown Heritage Centre. It's located in three old restored shophouses. But at night you should check out the street food!

Food is important, not only when you are at home, but also when travelling. Chinatown has plenty of opportunities. Smith Street is perhaps one of the most famous. Certainly the one that took us by surprise! Delicious and cheap. It is definitely a Food street. In the evening, part of the street is closed to traffic and lots of food stalls, tables and small stools are set out in the street. Now it bustles with life and good smells. The food is reasonably priced and there is an incredible selection. We were staying in Chinatown and thus had a short walk to Smith Street. We had dinner here more than once. It was simply that tasty!

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