Play volleyball

Hi cch friends, I hope you have a beautiful day.on this occasion I want to share some things about volleyball, this sport is one sport that is very liked by many people. Because this sport is a very popular sport where between two teams hit each other's balls. Volleyball in play one Team has 6 poor people this sport spends time to play about an hour. More but sometimes this sport is really amazing. to be admired by the crowd. Because this sport is very important in an effort to improve econsistency so that we can improve the quality of healthy life because in that way people like to play volleyball

Sometimes I also want to continue for a short time, but I have no other choice for me, playing volleyball is one of the most valuable sports for me. Because I believe that life is full of different ways to make changes in our own lives, which is very important in order to be able to beat them Our team is very strong to withstand attacks from the opposing team but finally the game is over we lost by one point to them maybe we will continue tomorrow again to make up for Kimi's defeat
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