Sunday's Early Blessings

Every time I woke up this morning, the first thing I have in my mind is the food I am going to cook. We need different recipes for day-to-day. I am the master chef . Sometimes, I rely on online orders but thinking of health benefits and lessen the expenses, cooking is the best for our food. I thought of cooking beef steak but there's no beef stock in my fridge.


All of the sudden, my generous sister, called and told me to pick up this beef steak in her house. She was too busy and could not go out. Like me she is also hands-on with her family. No problem, their house is a walking distance inside the village but still I need car going there. It was too hot in the early morning. I just visit my dogs outside and I was already sweating. How much more if I will go to the house of my sister.

I never mind the heat of the sun, the importance of all, I am save from cooking and making the kitchen messy. It's Sunday, so lucky for a tray of beef steak given to me by my sister.

Sharing and giving are virtues that our parent thought us since then and we applied it in our life. And it should be push through to our next generation.

Happy Sunday and thankful for the blessings today.

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