Dew drops - Part 1 from 09/30/2023 + Dew dropsd photography competition.

Dew drops - Part 1 from 09/30/2023 + Dew dropsd photography competition.

Drops of dew can be compared in purity to tears, and everything the purest and most holy is compared precisely to a tear.

Three people who posted photographs of Dew drops in the comments to this post the three best photographs among all the photographs that I see in the comments, will receive a prize from me in the form of tips to ALIVE and LOLZ.

In fact, it’s ordinary water which you can pour into a glass and look at it there seems to be nothing unusual but if the temperature contrast between the water and the air behind the walls of the glass is strong enough then we will see an effect called the Dew point and this moment we can say that it is beautiful!

Indeed nothing can compare with the beauty of the morning dew that adorns everything in the forest lol as they say, every sandpiper praises its hammer therefore I’m talking about the beauty that I can see most often.

There is something special and attractive in the purity of dew I like to photograph objects covered with sparkling drops of dew it gives any object a special nobility.

Just look at the humble rose hip which may be red in color but even red can be unremarkable lol but a drop of dew did its job!

Share a photo of the Dew dropsd in the comments.

The prize for the three winners of the competition is a ALIVE and LOLZ tip!

Zoom in on a photo for a closer view.

More to come!

Enjoy viewing the photos and reading the article!

Have a blessed day!

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Camera:Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300
Author:Author @barski. For my publications, I do not use stock photos, it is fundamentally important for me to use for publication photos that I have taken with my own hands, and I can call them - author's works.

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