Birds of the world on my way - Part 15 from 09/25/2023 + bird photography competition.

Birds of the world on my way - Part 15 from 09/25/2023 + bird photography competition.

The only thing better than a vacation is a good excellent high-quality vacation after which we can say that it was wonderful.

Three people who posted photographs of birds in the comments to this post the three best photographs among all the photographs that I see in the comments, will receive a prize from me in the form of tips to ALIVE and LOLZ.

Walking along the beach, where people lie on sun loungers in the sun and looking at them... do you think that this is wonderful? ***

I mean that what you see pleases your eye as a rule we are pleased with the view of hot sand and warm sea water that foams with the surf at the edge of the beach.

But looking at a resting bird in this case a pelican I can say that his rest is wonderful and he looks very cute and shy.

But if you look closely, there is something in the pelican’s gaze that can be expressed in one phrase: “Just pass by hurry up and don’t bother me with my rest!”

Share a photo of the bird in the comments.

The prize for the three winners of the competition is a ALIVE and LOLZ tip!

Zoom in on a photo for a closer view.

More to come!

Enjoy viewing the photos and reading the article!

Have a blessed day!

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Camera:Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300
Author:Author @barski. For my publications, I do not use stock photos, it is fundamentally important for me to use for publication photos that I have taken with my own hands, and I can call them - author's works.

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