Birds of the world on my way - Part 9 from 09/19/2023 + bird photography competition.

Birds of the world on my way - Part 9 from 09/19/2023 + bird photography competition.

Inner balance is something that is sometimes difficult to achieve here you won’t be able to cheat as dishonest market sellers do by unnoticedly attaching a magnet to the scales.

Today various types of training have become fashionable including those that allow you to achieve such internal balance.

Three people who posted photographs of birds in the comments to this post, the three best photographs among all the photographs that I see in the comments, will receive a prize from me in the form of tips to ALIVE and LOLZ.

But it is not at all necessary to pay money and spend your time to learn this sometimes it is enough to look at birds for example at a stork at how gracefully and for a long time it stands on one leg without making any effort for this but when it appears within the reach of a snake or toad, he makes one lightning-fast movement with his beak and the toad ends up in the stork’s stomach.

Then everything repeats itself immobility apparent drowsiness and again lightning-fast movement and new prey ends up in the bird’s beak this can be called true balance.

Share a photo of the bird in the comments.

The prize for the three winners of the competition is a ALIVE and LOLZ tip!

Zoom in on a photo for a closer view.

More to come!

Enjoy viewing the photos and reading the article!

Have a blessed day!

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Camera:Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300
Author:Author @barski. For my publications, I do not use stock photos, it is fundamentally important for me to use for publication photos that I have taken with my own hands, and I can call them - author's works.

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