Birds of the world on my way - Part 7 from 09/17/2023 + bird photography competition.

Birds of the world on my way - Part 7 from 09/17/2023 + bird photography competition.

One of the favorite pastimes of people is to come up with funny fables about animals and birds turning reality into fables.

Yes if you believe everything you hear, you can suffer greatly not only morally, but also physically therefore, before you believe in something if it is not the words of the Bible check it with your own experience.

Three people who posted photographs of birds in the comments to this post, the three best photographs among all the photographs that I see in the comments, will receive a prize from me in the form of tips to ALIVE and LOLZ.

Imagine for a second that I, believing that an ostrich buries its head in the sand when scared would stand next to it and try to scare it waving my arms and screaming loudly.

Nothing good would come of this it would attract the attention of the ostrich and he would want to check what was inside your skull, brains, or sawdust so it seemed to me when a huge bird came close and bowed its head over me and its beak was larger than mine cameras.

I'm not sure which of the two of us the ostrich was the one who wanted to hide in the sand lol.

The prize for the three winners of the competition is a ALIVE and LOLZ tip!

Zoom in on a photo for a closer view.

More to come!

Enjoy viewing the photos and reading the article!

Have a blessed day!

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Camera:Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300
Author:Author @barski. For my publications, I do not use stock photos, it is fundamentally important for me to use for publication photos that I have taken with my own hands, and I can call them - author's works.

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