Visiting my sister's house on the day of Eid al-Fitr this year

Hello friends, how are you today and I hope we are all in good health and can participate in activities smoothly.
On this occasion I am very happy to be able to show again some interesting images that I have prepared. Before I continue discussing the images that I have prepared, it would be good for me to convey my words of respect to all my friends wherever they are and wish the best for all of us. OK Friends, let's look at the pictures that I have prepared.

The first picture is the Eid atmosphere when I visited my older sister's house which is far from where I live, almost 5 kilometers from my village. So we went there, I invited some of my close friends to visit my older sister's house. When we got there we were greeted in a friendly manner and I was very happy with my sister's attitude towards my friends. After that we were treated to Eid cakes and drinks, we ate them while telling stories enthusiastically about Eid. This year, here I started taking some pictures in this happy atmosphere, so after I finished taking pictures I continued to tell stories with them.

Then for the second picture, we were in a coffee shop in the village where my sister lives. We went to this shop and my sister's husband invited me to continue drinking coffee at the shop. We were invited there because we wanted to drink coffee because if we didn't drink a cup of coffee our heads wouldn't feel good. That's what friends, the coffee at this shop is quite good. It turned out that our friend at the shop ordered cold milk coffee. It turned out to be really delicious, friends, while drinking coffee, we didn't forget to burn a cigarette, friends. Friends, you know how delicious it is to smoke while drinking coffee.
Now, for the last picture, my friends, I want to show you a picture of the rice field atmosphere this afternoon, my friend is interested in the rice field atmosphere in this village because it won't be long before the people in this village start harvesting the rice they planted, here I start I took this picture when we were heading home and I was very happy with the atmosphere today.

OK hiver friends, those are some pictures that I can show to all my friends. I hope these pictures can make you all visible and make beautiful pictures for us to see together. Thank you to all friends who have supported me and encouraged me and see you again in my next post.

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