Visiting a friend's house who is currently sick🙁

Hello friends, how are you today and I hope we are all in good health and can participate in activities smoothly.
On this occasion I am very happy to be able to show again some interesting pictures that I have prepared. Before I continue discussing the pictures that I have prepared, it would be good for me to convey my words of respect to all my friends wherever they are and wish them the best always. for all of us. OK Friends, let's look at the pictures that I have prepared.This picture that I want to show on this occasion is a very sad picture for me, this is a picture of when I visited my friend who was sick, we visited the house of this friend who was sick, we were invited by the youth leader in our village It just so happened that we and our friends had not yet come to my sick friend's house. My friends and I had the opportunity to visit them. So when we arrived there, we were greeted kindly by his parents and we were prepared drinks and cake.

Here I am very sad to see the condition of my friend who is suffering from a lung infection, if I'm not mistaken, I heard earlier from his parents, with the disease he is experiencing, I am very sad because his body is getting thinner day by day, even though he has had it several times. I went to the hospital but the disease has not yet been cured. And he also underwent surgery a few weeks ago, but his condition is currently very weak. When I asked him directly, the doctor said that maybe next week, if he is sick, he will have to go back home. sick because he had to undergo surgery again so that the disease would heal completely. Here I can't say any more, I'm very sad about my friend's condition, I just pray for my friend that he will recover quickly and live a long life so that we can get together and play again.

Note: the importance of maintaining health and eating because if our health is no longer good, what does it mean even if we have a lot of wealth.

OK hiver friends, those are some pictures that I can show to all my friends. I hope these pictures can make you all visible and make beautiful pictures for us to see together. Thank you to all friends who have supported me and encouraged me and see you again in my next post.

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