Making green bean drink

Hello friends, how are you today and I hope we are all in good health and can participate in activities smoothly.
On this occasion, I am very happy to be able to show again some interesting pictures of me cooking green bean drinks to sell at my stall. Just as I was closing the shop, I had the opportunity to make a green bean drink because the drink I made yesterday had sold out, so on this occasion I went back to cooking it. First of all, what I prepared was the green beans, then I washed the beans so they were clean, because If you don't wash the beans, they will definitely be dirty, friend. So after I wash them clean, I add a little water, then I cook the beans over low heat.Well, I forgot to say that I used a few slices of ginger, my friend, to make the taste even better, after the water I cooked the beans in started to boil I added a little salt and after I added the salt I added more water, not long after the water I added earlier started to boil. boil then I add granulated sugar.
And don't forget to stir it, friend, so that the sugar is mixed evenly. Talking about this green bean drink here, my friends like green beans, I myself really like this drink, apart from its delicious taste, this drink also lots of vitamins. After everything is finished, my friends, wait a few minutes so that the drink cools down a bit so we can put it in a glass, okay hiver friends, wherever you are, here I will show you some of the pictures that I took earlier, the first picture is my time. measuring the green beans for cooking and for the second picture is a picture of me washing the beans and the next picture is a picture of the process of me cooking the green beans, friend and the last one is a picture of the drink that I am ready to cook and this picture is me Take a photo in the refrigerator, friend, because after cooking I put the drink in the refrigerator so it tastes better and fresher. So, let's look at the picture that I have prepared.

Well, okay hiver friends, those are some pictures that I can show to all my friends. I hope these pictures can provide a little inspiration for all of you who want to make this green bean drink and make it into a beautiful picture for us to see together. Thank you to all my friends who have supported me and encouraged me and see you again in my next post.

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