A Day of Animal Adventures at Rabbit Hole AT Phuket

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After our time at the mining museum, we decided to check out this place called "Rabbit Hole AT Phuket." The main draw? Well, it's a spot where kids can get up close and personal with a bunch of different animals. What made it even better? No entrance fee! But, here's the twist – right at the entrance, they give you the option to buy animal food from them.

So, there we were, standing at the entrance with the grandkids, and they were all excited about the idea of feeding the animals. Two sets of animal food, each costing 100 baht, were promptly purchased. And what was in these sets, you ask? Well, a bit of everything – fish food, duck food, rabbit food, goat food, and even buffalo food.





After grabbing those bags of animal food, we made our way to this big, man-made waterfall. At the bottom, there was this chill koi pond waiting for us. The kids were pretty pumped to feed the fish, so we headed there. Once we got to the pond, the sound of the water falling was like nature's background music. The grandkids were all set, holding their hands full of fish food over the water. And as soon as those first crumbs hit the pond, it was like a fish frenzy.

The koi fish, all vibrant and lively, started swimming towards the surface, creating these cool ripples in the water. The kids were having a blast as the fish came closer to snatch up the treats. It was like a little underwater feeding frenzy, and everyone was loving it. The pond turned into this lively scene, with the grandkids laughing and the koi fish doing their little aquatic dance. It was a simple, but really cool moment – just hanging out by a man-made waterfall, feeding fish, and sharing some laughs under the sun.




After the last of the fish food disappeared into the koi pond, we decided to check out the white buffalo pen. Armed with fresh grass we had purchased, the grandkids eagerly approached the magnificent creature. As we stood near the pen, the children extended the grass towards the buffalo's mouth. Without hesitation, the white buffalo leaned forward, displaying a surprising agility for such a large animal. With a swift motion, it delicately bit down on the offered greenery. The children, with a mix of excitement and awe, witnessed the direct interaction with the majestic white buffalo.



After our delightful encounter with the white buffalo, we ventured towards the rabbit hole, a charming enclave enclosed by a low fence, ensuring the rabbits stayed within their designated area. Within this protective fence, a small house provided shelter for the resident bunnies. As we approached, the grandkids, still holding a few carrots from their earlier adventure, extended the treats towards the rabbits nestled within the rabbit hole. The air was filled with a sense of excitement as the children aimed to entice the rabbits into nibbling on the crunchy delights. To our delight, the strategy worked like a charm. The grandkids found a rabbit hiding within the rabbit hole, and as they offered a carrot, the furry friend promptly emerged. With a hop and a nibble, the rabbit indulged in the tasty treat, creating a scene that warmed our hearts.


However, the charm of the rabbit hole extended beyond the bunnies. Inside the same low fence, mischievous goats roamed about. These playful creatures were not ones to be left out of the fun. With impressive agility, they would occasionally jump over the fence, adding an unexpected element of excitement to the atmosphere.



Right next to the rabbit hole, we stumbled upon a lively goat pen that was buzzing with activity. Inside, a bunch of goats were having a grand old time, chowing down on their food like there was no tomorrow.


Feeling the sweltering heat of the afternoon and realizing our stomachs were growling, we decided to take a break from animal feeding and headed over to the restaurant at Rabbit Hole AT Phuket. Luckily, they had a spot for us to grab a bite and cool down a bit. In the restaurant zones, we found ourselves a comfy spot to sit and ordered some much-needed lunch from their diverse menu. It was a welcome break from the outdoor activities, and the food options were quite satisfying.




The cafe zone, though, took things up a notch. Not only could we enjoy drinks and bakery items, but we could also interact with the resident rabbits. It was like having a meal with some furry companions – a different and enjoyable twist to the usual dining scene. One thing to keep in mind was that in the cafe zone, while you could bring in drinks and bakery treats, bringing outside food wasn't allowed. It made sense, though, ensuring a clean and controlled space for both the customers and the adorable rabbit buddies.






So, our afternoon at Rabbit Hole AT Phuket shifted gears, from feeding animals to treating ourselves to a good meal, all while enjoying the playful company of the resident rabbits in a setting that blended culinary delights with a touch of whimsy.






Having satisfied our appetites with a hearty meal, the kids were eager for some more adventure and decided they wanted to ride horses. Lucky for us, Rabbit Hole AT Phuket offered a service that not only allowed for pictures with the horses but also provided the thrill of riding them, and even cruising around in a carriage. Opting for a horse ride, we discovered that it cost 300 baht per round.

The friendly staff at Rabbit Hole AT Phuket ensured a safe and enjoyable experience. They took care of the horses and guided them while tourists like us hopped on for a ride. A leisurely stroll around the premises took about 15 minutes per round, giving us a chance to appreciate the surroundings from a different perspective. With the horse ride filling the afternoon with joy, the kids still brimming with energy, decided to take on the zipline. The adrenaline rush from zooming through the air added another layer of excitement to our day at Rabbit Hole AT Phuket.


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