Origami Doll Dress, How to Make it

Hello Everyone!

I make doll dresses today. I make them by folding paper. One of them is made with three colors. Another one is made with only two colors. For this, need to fold two types of paper. It is not very easy to fold paper.But there are many steps. I make it using colored paper. I show with pictures clearly on how to fold paper step by step and also write with texts.

Needed materials

colored paper

I cut the yellow and blue paper for the first dress by measuring each 15cm. Glue these two pieces of paper together. Fold the two edges slightly as shown in the picture. Have to fold twice. Then fold the paper in half and fold the two edges to the middle line. Spread this paper, fold the other edges slightly, and fold again as before.After that, fold the paper as shown in the picture. Turn it to one side, and fold the two corners to the middle. Then, spread the two edges from the middle of the paper to the outside. The next step is to fold it in half.

Another type of paper pattern needs to be folded in this step. This one should be folded using only one color of paper. Also measure and cut this paper with 15cm. Fold the paper in half and fold the two sides to the middle. Fold the two edges a little and fold them to the middle line.Fold the two corners as shown in the picture. Turn this paper and fold it step by step as shown in the picture. Fold the two edges inward.Fold both sides of the shoulders a little and attach with the first one.

I make another dress by the same way. The colors are blue and pink. I really like them after I made them. I have never folded a dress like this. I think they are very cute. I also take beautiful pictures.Thank you so much for your reading my post to the end.

November 29,2022
Written by @asterkame
By my photo & made by me

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