How to Make A Beautiful Paper Flower Vase

Hello Everyone!

Today I make a very beautiful flower vase. This is not a normal flower vase shape , it can be decorated on the wall, it can be decorated on desk. I make the vase shape on a cardboard. The vase is made with colorful paper rolls. After that, need three flowers, and also need to make the leaves. I fold the leaves as wavy shape to make them more natural. I think this flower vase looks a little different from the previous flower vases.

I make three flowers in the first step. For one flower, I need three circular pieces of paper of the same size. Fold the paper in half and fold it step by step. Draw and cut the pattern for the flower on this fold of paper. Remove the petals from these three flowers as shown in the picture. Then glue the two edges together.I make a flower by gluing the petals from big to small. I make three flowers by the same way.

I cut a piece of cardboard in this step and glue it with blue paper. I fold rolls of colorful paper of the same size for the vase.I glue them on a piece of red paper. Then I glue it on the blue cardboard as a vase. Then I cut the leaves again. I fold them as wavy shape. I decorate on the cardboard with flowers and leaves.

I really like the type of this flower vase. It's not very easy to make. For the flowers, also take long time and there are many steps. I take beautiful pictures.Thank you so much for your reading my post to the end.

November 18,2022
Written by @asterkame
By my photo & made by me

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