Beautiful Paper Wall Decor, How to Make it

Hello Everyone!

I make a really beautiful paper wall decor today. It has leaves and flowers on a tree branch. There is also heart pattern. And three heart patterns of the same size are hanging from this branch. This one is different from I have made before. But I don't think it is very complete after I make it. Because the branch pattern is not very obvious after the leaves and flowers are glued. I make it using mostly cardboard and colored paper. I use water color to paint the branch.

Needed materials

colored paper
water color

In the first step, I cut the cardboard as shape of a branch. I paint it with black color. In the next step, I make green and yellow folds of paper . I cut circle shapes of the same size and cut a little from each one.Glue it again. I glue them together as leaves on branches.

I cut and paint three heart shape pieces of cardboard at this step. I cut and fold three pieces of yellow paper. I glue them along the edges. I glue them together with heart shapes. I attach and glue them at the branch.I draw and cut on the pink paper to make the flowers. I cut another heart shape using cardboard and glue it with the blue paper. I glue these flowers on it.

This is beautiful and cute. I think it would be nicer if I make the branch a little bigger. There are many steps to make, but it's not difficult. Every step is easy. I also take nice pictures.Thank you so much for your reading my post to the end.

September 29,2022
Written by @asterkame
By my photo & made by me

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