Beautiful Origami Birthday Cake

Hello Everyone!
Today I make a very beautiful paper birthday cake. For the cake form, need to make four paper of the same size. The cake is decorated with a candle and three stars. There are a lot of steps and takes long time to make. Need to be neat and patient when gluing them. Write with texts and there are pictures on how to make it step by step.

Needed materials
colored paper

In the first step, four sheets of white and purple paper should be cut by the same length and width with 21cm. Fold each piece of paper in half four times. Fold the two sides to the middle line and fold the other side in the same way. Fold both sides to the middle line again. In the next step, fold step by step until there are four squares. Fold the two sides of each to the middle. Fold the four corners and spread them as shown. After making two whites and two purples, I glue two of the same color together.

Fold another piece of white paper and glue it in the middle of the white fold of paper. Place fold of purple paper on it and glue around the edges again. For the stars, cut pieces of pink paper and start to fold them as shown. Then fold it step by step and fold the edge inward at the end. Press the five corners a little to make a star shape.

For the candle, I glue the white paper on one side of the pink paper. Fold it as a paper roll. For the fire, cut two small pieces of red and yellow paper and glue them together. Decorate with three stars and candle on the cake.

I really like it after making this one. I think this is very unique and beautiful. I also take nice pictures. Thank you so much for your reading my post to the end.

September 20, 2023
Written by @asterkame
By my photos & made by me

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