A Beautiful Envelope ,How to Make it

Hello Everyone!
Today, I also make a paper envelope. It is made by folding the paper. There is a place to write inside of this envelope. It can be folded and used as an envelope. I think the shape of the envelope is a little different and beautiful than other envelopes. Also need to make flowers and leaves to decorate on it. They are easy to make. Just cut the paper. I make it using A4size paper.You can see pictures of each step and also write with texts on how to fold it.

Needed materials
colored paper

‌The first step is to take an A4size yellow paper. Fold it in half. Then fold the four corners to the middle line. Fold the two sides to the middle line again. Next step, fold the two corners from each side. Turn the paper to one side and make the writing area. I cut the orange paper as shown in the picture. Put and glue on it. Then I have to make flowers and leaves.

It is made by drawing and cutting on blue paper for the flowers. Make two kinds of blue flowers and they are different sizes. Cut small red circle shapes and glue on them. Also need to cut the leaves.I cut around of those leaves as shown. I decorate them on the corners of the orange paper. After making this, have to fold the paper as three equal parts and make it as an envelope shape. The front surface of the envelope , fold the paper from one side to the other side inward. I cut an arrow shape and glue it on the edge of the paper. Then I write the letter 'PULL'. I also decorate here with flowers and leaves.

After folding the envelope, I really like it. I also take beautiful pictures. I think that I will make different types of envelopes in these days.Thank you so much for your reading my post to the end.

January 30,2023
Written by @asterkame
By my photo & made by me

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