Some photography of amazing natural beauty

We are eternally grateful to the Creator for making this creation world or this world so beautiful that there is no comparison.

Hello friends how are you all hope everyone is well and healthy by God's endless grace I am very well and healthy and I always wish you all good health.

Friends there is no mistake in God's creation, it is perfect and beautiful, there is no way to deny it because everything that exists in this world is created by God, from humans to trees, rivers and even fire.

The most important thing is that creation created us to enjoy all the beautiful things in this world, good and bad.

The most charming thing in it is the play of the creator of natural beauty, who so beautifully decorates the natural beauty, but we can't enjoy it all the time, let alone see it.

We usually travel to various tourist centers inside the park or outside. But if you pay attention to every little thing around you, you will see that the beautiful scenes of God live within us but we don't notice them, they escape our eyes.

Similarly today when I was going to my house after work in the evening, I suddenly noticed a small tree on the roadside and I was shocked to see it because it was not a flower or a fruit. Not inside the flower

The thing looks very beautiful. I have never seen such a mistake or fruit before. Where is the fruit inside the flower. Where is the surface of the fruit with a cage to protect the fruit. These things can only be created by the creator himself, and no one else in the world can create such a unique thing.

I like this thing very much, I have never seen such a thing before, actually I don't know whether it is a fruit or a tree, but I like it so much that I took some pictures with my mobile phone.

All these pictures are taken by my own mobile phone

Until today, everyone will be fine, stay healthy, pray for me, thank you for being with me

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I am Md:Abu Raihan, an expatriate by profession.I have been living abroad for many years.I like blogging on online platforms the most. I always try to maintain a good relationship with my friends. So whenever I have time in my work I like blogging and photography I try to love people so that people love me


My picture captions:


Location Malaysia

Camera used 4.71 Mm, f/1.0, (iso100)

Mobile Model Oppo_A95

Photographer @Abu Raihan



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