DOVID-21 Released in the Wild

DOVID-21 was first identified in the ether on this day, 21st September 2021.

Despite being in very early stages of development and completely untested, DOVID-21 has been released into this Wild and Wonderful World within which we appear to live.

Let this entry on the #Hive #Blockchain be an #immutable record as proof of this fact.

  • DOVID-21 has been introduced for the Highest Good.

  • #DOVID21 spreads Positive Vibrations, Boosts the Immune System and is therefore extremely beneficial for Human Health and indeed for the health of all Be-ings.

We can now watch as it develops and grows for the good of all. We can choose if we wish to help it go viral by sharing this post far and wide, using the hashtag #DOVID21, and test it ourselves by choosing to believe in it's efficacy and help it to heal humanity.

What is DOVID-21?


DOVID-21 is a Meme and a Positive Virus

DOVID-21 is both a Cure for COVID-19, and an Immunisation to prevent infection from COVID-19. No masks or vaccines (or Spike Protein Death Shots) are required.

You may be surprised, but a Virus can be Positive.

DOVID-21 Decentralised Organisation

Decentralised Organisation Virus Initially Developed in 2021

It is intended that DOVID-21 be organised and controlled by a Decentralised Organisation with a People Powered Bottom Up Multi-Level Governance system which uses a Concentrated Consensus & Voting mechanism to facilitate Pure Democracy. The Matrix-8 Solution appears to fit that bill.

DOVID-21 has therefore been released first in the Community Voting community on Hive Blockchain, to ensure immutability and censorship resistance, with the intention of using The Matrix-8 Solution for the governance of the community. Please join the Community Voting Hive community to help control and focus the positive effects of DOVID-21 and to increase the positive effects by helping to develop and release new variants with your ideas and input.

How Can I Help Spread this Positive Virus?

  • Comment Below
  • Share on other platforms you use.
  • Create a Meme Graphic and share where you wish, including #DOVID21 HashTag. Pleae also share it with me in a comment below.
  • Join and participate in the Community Voting Hive community
  • Join and participate in the New Age DApps Hive community
  • Learn about The Matrix-8 Solution by reading posts in the New Age DApps Hive community, share those posts and make comments with ideas or questions.

Dentralised Organisation Virus is In Demand 2021
Dentralised Organisation Virus Is Demonstrative 2021
Dentralised Organisation Virus Is Delightful 2021
Dentralised Organisation Virus Is Democratic 2021
Dentralised Organisation Virus Is Dependable 2021
Dentralised Organisation Virus Is Desirable 2021
Dentralised Organisation Virus Is Developing 2021
Dentralised Organisation Virus Is Dependable 2021
Dentralised Organisation Virus Is Destined 2021

Please ask questions and/or let us know what you think about DOVID-21 by commenting below.

Sat Nam

The Matrix-8 Solution has potential to Unite Humanity with Equitable Governance so Corrupt Governments are no longer required.


Early adopters / users of the Community Voting & New Age DApps Hive communities who help with the testing and implementation of The Matrix-8 Community Consensus & Voting System, will likely be highly rewarded with KLU tokens once these are minted. Token distribution will be decided upon by the community members using the consensus mechanism, and based on the benefits to the community of the actions taken. Learn more about the proposed Tokenomics of The Matrix-8 Solution.


What is COVID-19?

Corrupt centralised Organisation Virus IDentified in 2019

According to Wikipedia (a well known Corrupt Centralised Organisation which censors facts):

The novel virus was first identified in Wuhan, China, in December 2019

COVID-19 is a Negative Virus

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