Top Eight NBA Basketball Players According to a 13 year old or however old I was when I made this.

I included a few veteran players from previous decades to be fair and all. I imagine I was 13 when I made this, that would have been 1998, I partly say that because I was also making other things that year as well including Just Friends 1998 or whatever I called that poster highlighting some of my friends from real-life and other friends from the land of imagination.

I think I included some of my favorite basketball players on that 1998 friends poster thing that I drew. I started playing and watching basketball in the 1990s.

The Nineteen-Nineties

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1998 apx - Basketball cards by Joey Arnold, top 8 cards, smaller file size.png

1998 apx - Basketball cards by Joey Arnold, top 8 cards.

Top Eight NBA Basketball Players According to a 13 year old or however old I was when I made this.
Oatmeal Daily - 2021-10-28 - Thursday | Published in October of 2021

Published by Oatmeal Joey Arnold
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1998 apx - Basketball cards by Joey Arnold, top 8 cards, smaller file size, version 2.png

1998 apx - Basketball cards by Joey Arnold, top 8 cards, smaller file size, version 2.

1998 apx - Basketball cards by Joey Arnold, top 8 cards, banner.png

This is the banner or title of my top eight list.

I enjoyed drawing stars.

You can also see the Joey Arnold symbol, it looks like a J.

But the J has a hook going across it plus two eyes.

1998 apx - Jerry West.png

Jerry West.

I didn't know much about him but heard he was pretty good back in the good old days.

I spelled his named Jery.

1998 apx - Wilt Chamberlain.png

Wilt Chamberlain.

I think I saw a few videos of him.

By the way, I wrote under copy right of law.

I started writing things like that too back then.

But feel free to share or even steal my stuff.

All my things are in the public domain.

I love copy left.

I love open source.

I wrote IM on my cards, it probably stands for Ironic Mystic.

1998 apx - Clyde Drexler.png

Clyde Drexler was the star in Oregon.

I even did an impersonate of him in a video.

Clyde was always my third favorite in the 1990s, generally speaking.

1998 apx - Isiah Thomas.png

Isiah Thomas.

He was on the bad boys of the Detroit Pistons in the 1980s.

1998 apx - Larry Bird.png

Larry Bird.

A smart white man who could hit threes.

1998 apx - Scottie Pippen.png

Scottie Pippen.

The sidekick to Michael Jordan.

1998 apx - Magic Johnson.png

Magic Johnson.

The West Coast's version of Michael Jordan.

Magic was probably my second favorite.

But I didn't have a ranking system for this list.

So I can only assume the order.

Except for the top three which I remember.

1998 apx - Michael Jordan.png

Michael Jordan.

I wanted to be like Mike.

Michael was always myn favorite.


I remember learning to dribble a little when I was seven years old, back in 1992 in Oregon. I started getting a lot better around 1998.

Started Playing Basketball

My one and only older brother and my dad would watch basketball on TV sometimes in the 1990s. So, I would sometimes watch it with them. My dad, brother, and my 2 sisters all played basketball at schools on teams. I even went on to play in grade school starting in 1993 and usually every year or almost every year in the 1990s. I tried out to play in high schools in the 2000s but didn't end up playing. But I continued to play for fun with people all of my life. It's my favorite sport.

Basketball Cards

Long story short, my love for the game started in the 1990s and it continued to grow as I got older and older. These 8 hand-made basketball cards were probably made around 1998 or at least before 2002 would be my educated guess. More likely before 2000. But I don't exactly know.

Portland Trail-Blazers

I started following basketball in 1998 and more so in 1999. At least by 1999 at the latest, I started watching a lot more of the Portland Trail-Blazers on television or especially on the radio around 1998 and 1999. I saw a few of their games in person in Portland a few times in the 1990s and 2000s. I didn't start watching basketball a lot on TV until 1998.

1998 NBA Finals

I do remember watching that last game where Michael Jordan hit that game winning shot to beat the Utah Jazz in the 1998 NBA Finals. After that, there was the famous 1998-1999 NBA Lockout. I was playing basketball on organized school teams in the 1990s even tho I was a homeschool kid. That was my way to socialize with kids my own age but not my only way. I also attended other clubs and other things like Word Of Life Olympians and AWANA and different youth groups and other things too on and off as I got older and older. I started playing basketball with kids at the park in my ghetto neighborhood especially and a lot more so at least by 1999 if not earlier. But I remember playing a lot more often by that time. My older sister was in Alaska in August of 1998.

The Cool Kid

Around that time I think, Elder named me the Cool Kid. Well, maybe it was Randy and Joe who named me. I told the story a few times. It was a cloudy day. Hey kid, they said. Want to play? I said ok. Elder said kid. He would pass it to me. I made it a few times. Elder said cool. Elder ended up putting the words together because he would say, "Cool, kid." And it became Coolkid over time or within seconds as he was saying it. It started to lightly rain or drizzle. It probably stopped raining. But the cement court was a bit wet and I was sliding around a bit. But I would still sink the fifteen foot jump shot a few times. Some of my shots were around five to fifteen feet away from the hoop. So my career or hobby playing bball continued to expand since then and to this day in 2021 even.

Drawing, Writing, & Comics

I could not find a date included in these cards I made meaning I cannot prove when I made it. I stuck this poster to the wall by my bed meaning it might be viewable in some photos and not viewable in other photos meaning that could help in dating when I made it. I started drawing more so in 1990 when I was five. I started writing more so like in 1993 and even more so around 1995. I started doing more comics and such around 1997. These may be the only basketball cards I've made as a kid or I cannot think of any others from the 1990s. I think I made this top 8 list of basketball players pretty quickly.

Making Lists

So, I assume I was 13 years old when I made this, that is in 1998, in my room in Oregon. I was probably going through my brother's basketball cards in order to find 8 players I could select. I may have gathered my information from what I've heard on TV, magazines, word of mouth, and the basketball cards. But I don't specifically remember what I did at that time to make them.

But I do remember having fun. I enjoyed making them.

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